Floods can be fatal and present many hidden dangers. It’s important to put your flood plan into place at this point and always put your safety first. Remember the following:

Don’t try to walk, drive or swim through a flood

  • No matter how small the amount of water, the current could still be strong
  • There could be holes and hazards below water level that you can’t see
  • You could get hit by an object as it’s swept away

Don’t walk on sea defences, riverbanks or across river bridges

  • They can collapse
  • You could be hit by waves or rocks

Avoid any form of direct contact with flood water

  • It may be contaminated with sewage

Stay away from power lines and electrical wires

  • They could collapse into the water.

Keep monitoring the situation via the weather reports or check the live Flood Updates. Remember your flood symbols and what they mean.

For more information on what to do after a flood

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The Scottish Flood Forum can offer advice and support.

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