There are simple steps you can take to protect your property or business from flood damage. Before considering how you can prepare for flooding and protect your property, it is important to assess your risk. Flooding can come from a number of sources. Although SEPA can warn you of the risk of flooding from rivers and the sea, we cannot forecast flooding that comes from blocked drains and broken water mains. For more information, click here.

Remember - while your property may not be directly affected by flood water, roads and transport links could be cut off, telephone lines could be down or there could be a power cut. So it’s important that you prepare by putting the appropriate precautionary measures in place.

You can find simple actions below to help you prepare for a flood:

  • Sign up to Floodline. When you receive a message from Floodline you can find out more information about flooding in your area by calling 0345 988 1188 or by checking live flood updates.
  • Prepare a flood plan and put together a family flood kit. Include a torch, first aid kit, warm and waterproof shoes and clothing, supplies of prescription medicines, bottled water, food, rubber gloves, children’s supplies, pet supplies, insurance details, portable radio and spare batteries, and a bag or rucksack in case of evacuation.
  • Check you have adequate insurance against flooding – for common insurance questions click here.
  • Consider flood protection products that can be fitted to your property and practice how to fit them. For more information visit the SEPA website.
  • Familiarise yourself with how to shut off gas, electricity, oil-fired heating and water supplies.
  • Keep a list of useful contact numbers; including your Floodline quick dial code.
  • Make sure all the family know what to do and how to keep in touch if the area floods.
  • Keep monitoring the situation.

  • If instructed, evacuate.


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