Although SEPA can’t prevent floods from occurring, we can provide you
with advance warning about when and where they are likely to occur
through our Floodline service; which means that you can take action to
limit the consequences for your home or business. After all, your property
is your responsibility.

SEPA Floodline. A service you can count on 24/7.

Wherever you are in Scotland, Floodline is here to help. SEPA uses river and
coastal monitoring systems, in areas where we have a formal flood scheme,
to accurately predict the likelihood and timing of flooding. When flooding is
predicted within a local target area, we will issue a flood warning message
through the Floodline service.

In areas where we do not operate a formal flood monitoring scheme, SEPA works
with the Met Office to examine weather forecasts and will issue a Flood Alert for a
wider geographical area, normally matching local authority boundaries.

It’s important that you monitor weather updates and check Floodline regularly
to be kept informed of potential flooding within your area. All you have to do is
call (charged at local rate) or click online. Your area even has a dedicated quick
dial code to take you straight to the flood messages that are relevant to you.
Click here for a list of the quick dial codes

Free flood messages direct to your phone

Sign up to receive free flood messages direct to your phone for your local area; which means you’ll know in advance when a flood is likely to occur. Just remember, it’s important that you know what action to take to protect your property.

Sign up at or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188

Check the Floodline quick dial code for your local area

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New Flood warning symbols

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Sign up to receive free flood messages directly to your phone