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Your regular travel routes and transport links can be disrupted by flooding. When flooding is forecast, plan your travel in advance to ensure that you have a safe journey.


Plan your travel

Traffic Scotland

Traffic Scotland provides real-time traffic information relating to incidents and events taking place on the Scottish trunk road network.


Scotrail provides real-time train information and updates. Plan your journey in advance and find out about any issues that could impact on your travel plans.

Traveline Scotland

Traveline Scotland provides updates on all public transport across Scotland including bus, train and ferry routes.

Driving advice from the AA

Driving in wet conditions can be hazardous. Find out how to be prepared and stay safe when driving in wet weather.


Stay safe when travelling through areas affected by flooding:


  1. Only drive through water if you know for sure that it’s not too deep, generally this would be no more than halfway up your wheels
  2. Drive slowly and steadily and test your brakes as soon as you can after leaving the water
  3. Never drive through fast-moving water, for example at a flooded bridge, your car could easily be swept away
  4. For more advice and information on driving through flood waters, visit the AA
  5. Stay back from piers and coastal roads when high tides and strong winds are predicted
  6. Avoid making unnecessary journeys when transport links are affected by flooding.  


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